Air is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas. Industrial air is used in air carbon arc gouging and in plasma arc cutting (PAC) processes. Industrial air should not be used as a substitute for breathing air.

air cylinder

Air Transportation Information

Chemical FormulaN/A
Minimum PurityN/A
Cylinder CGA Outlet346 (Breathing Grade)
347 (Breathing Grade, greater than 3,000 psig)
590 (Industrial Grade)
CAS Number132259-10-0
UN Number1002
US DOT NameAir, Compressed
US DOT LabelNonflammable Gas
US DOT Class2.2 Nonflammable Gas

Air Cylinder Information

Cylinder StyleVolume (ft3/m3)Pressure at 70°F (21C°) (psig/kPa)Part Number
T310/8.062,640/18,202AI IND-T
K232/6.442,200/15,168AI IND-K
Q78/2.162,200/15,168AI IND-Q