Hydrogen (H2) is the lightest of all gases. Colorless, odorless, tasteless and nontoxic, hydrogen exists as a gas at atmospheric temperatures and pressures. In metal fabrication, hydrogen serves as a protective atmosphere in high temperature operations such as stainless steel manufacturing. Hydrogen is commonly mixed with argon for increased travel speed, improved color match and enhanced weld metal fluidity during welding of austenitic grades of stainless steel (300 series). Hydrogen is used as an addition to argon mixtures to improve performance during plasma welding, gouging and cutting operations.

hydrogen cylinder

Hydrogen Cylinder Transportation Information

Chemical FormulaH2
Minimum Purity99.95 %
Cylinder CGA Outlet350
CAS Number1333-74-0
UN Number1049
US DOT NameHydrogen, Compressed
US DOT LabelFlammable Gas
US DOT Class2.1 Flammable Gas

Hydrogen Cylinder Information

Cylinder StyleVolume (ft3/m3)Pressure at 70°F (21C°) (psig/kPa)Part Number
T261/7.242400/16547HY T
K196/5.442000/13790HY K