Nitrogen (N2) is a diatomic gas which comprises 78 percent of the earth’s atmosphere. Colorless, odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic, nitrogen exists as a nonflammable gas at atmospheric temperatures and pressures. Nitrogen is utilized as a purge gas with stainless steel tube welding as well as a controlled addition for shielding gases utilized to GMAW (gas metal arc weld) of austenitic and duplex grades of stainless steel. Nitrogen can enhance plasma cutting, food processing, inerting and heat-treating operations.

nitrogen cylinder

Nitrogen Cylinder Transportation Information

Chemical FormulaN2
Minimum Purity99.995 %
Cylinder CGA Outlet580
680 (greater than 3,000 psig)
CAS Number7727-37-9
UN Number1066
US DOT NameNitrogen, Compressed
US DOT LabelNonflammable Gas
US DOT Class2.2 Nonflammable Gas

Nitrogen Cylinder Information

Cylinder StyleVolume (ft3/m3)Pressure at 70°F (21C°) (psig/kPa)Part Number
T304/8.442,640/18,202NI T
K228/6.332,200/15,168NI K
4K430/11.924,500/31,050NI 4K

nitrogen dewar

Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Transportation Information

Chemical FormulaN2
Minimum Purity99.998 %
Normal Boiling Point-320°F (-196C°)
Cylinder CGA Outlet295 (Liquid)
CAS Number7727-37-9 (R)
UN Number1977
US DOT NameNitrogen, Refrigerated Liquid
US DOT LabelNonflammable Gas
US DOT Class2.2 Nonflammable Gas

Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Information

Cylinder StyleVolume (ft3)Pressure (psig)Part Number
160 Liter3,93022NI LC160-22
200 Liter4,58022NI LC200-22
230 Liter5,38022NI LC230-22
250 Liter5,61022NI LC250-22
160 Liter3,690230NI LC160-230
200 Liter4,110230NI LC200-230
230 Liter4,380230NI LC230-230
250 Liter5,030230NI LC250-230
160 Liter3,470350NI LC160-350
200 Liter3,870350NI LC200-350
230 Liter4,120350NI LC230-350
250 Liter4,740350NI LC250-350
450 Liter Microbulk10,332250NI LC450-250
450 Liter Microbulk10,332350NI LC450-350
450 Liter Microbulk10,332500NI LC450-500
1000 Liter Microbulk23,370350NI LC1000-350
1000 Liter Microbulk23,370500NI LC1000-500
1500 Liter Microbulk35,550350NI LC1500-350
1500 Liter Microbulk35,550500NI LC1500-500