Acetylene (C2H2) is a colorless, highly flammable gas. Mostly used for oxy-fuel cutting and brazing applications, acetylene has a high heat release in the primary flame and moderate heat in the secondary flame. It has the hottest flame temperature of the commercially available fuel gases (up to 6,300°F/3,480 C°) and is an excellent choice for welding, brazing and cutting of steel alloys.

Note: Acetylene cylinders are filled by weight, not volume. The volume and pressure data shown is only illustrative and is subject to change from region to region, and may vary with changes in atmospheric temperature and pressure.

Acetylene Clusters

Acetylene Transportation Information

Chemical FormulaC2H2
Minimum Purity98% (on a solvent-free basis)
Cylinder CGA Outlet510 (over 50 ft3 (1.39 m3) (300 Limited Standard))
520 (between 35 and 75 ft3 (970 liters and 2.08 m3))
200 (approximately 10 ft3 (280 liters))
CAS Number74-86-2
UN Number1001
US DOT NameAcetylene, Dissolved
US DOT LabelFlammable Gas
US DOT Class2.1 Flammable Gas

Acetylene Cylinder Information

Cylinder StyleVolume (ft3/m3)Pressure at 70°F (21°C)
Part Number
375/ 2.1250/1724AC 3
4145/4.0250/1724AC 4
5390/10.8250/1724AC 5