Linde StarFlame C Cutting Fuel

StarFlame C cutting fuel cuts cleaner.

Smooth cuts with no gouge marks or rolled edges.

StarFlame C Cutting Fuel is more economical, environmentally friendly, and safer than acetylene and other fuel gases.

  • Quicker start-to-steel ignition point at less cost
  • Faster cutting speed weather beveling, making sharp turns or cutting intricate patterns
  • Quick, clean piercing
  • Minimal slag and weldback from a cleaner
  • Significantly less smoke and soot
  • Reduced potential for torch backfire

Linde’s StarFlame C cutting fuel burns hotter than other fuel gases so it cuts quicker.

Starflame C Cutting Fuel Comparison Chart

GasStarFlame CAcetylenePropyleneMAPPPropaneNatural Gas
Flame temperature in oxygen (°F)5800*57205240534051305040
BTU’s per pound24812*2131521078212402209323600
Gross heating values (BTU’s per ft3)2810*14702371240025631000
Primary heat (BTU’s per ft3)28450743351725511
Secondary heat (BTU’s per ft3)2526*963193818892243989
Theoretical oxygen ratio by volume3:12.5:14.5:14:15:12:1
Torch oxygen ratio by volume2:11.1:
ft3 per pound of gas (or liquid)8.8314.508.898.858.6223.6
Weight compared to air1.500.911.451.481.550.62
Liquid wt. per gallon (lbs.)4.244.354.774.23
Boiling point (°F)-43.6-81.0-47.0-54 to -10-44.0-250.0
Vapor pressure at 70°F (psi)12513094120
Limits of flammability in Air (%)2.3–9.42.5–81.02.4–10.33.4–10.82.2–9.65.3–14.0
ReactivityLowCopper & Silver AlloysLowCopper & Silver AlloysLowLow
Backfire tendencyLowHighSlightModerateLowLow
Maximum pressure (psi)Cylinder15CylinderCylinderCylinderSupply
Shock sensitivityStableUnstableStableUnstableStableStable

*Effective flame and heating value characteristics based on computer image testing and comparison with other gas.

StarFlame-C Vaporization Rates

Cubic feet per hour at 60% full cylinder

Starflame C cutting fuel is available in 5 lb / 25 lb / 50 lb / 100 lb and 435 lb cylinders and bulk tanks ranging in capacity from 500 to 10,000 gallons.

25 lb815203140
60 lb1428375675
100 lb19385177102
435 lb4285114171228
1000 gal1973245127591142

40% full multiply by 0.8

20% full multiply by 0.6