StarGold Shielding Gases

Looking for the key to consistent welds under the most challenging situations? Look to Linde® StarGold argon-based shielding gases. Our argon-based family of blends is available for top-quality welding in a variety of precision formulations. Linde StarGold blends are also designed to meet your specific Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW or MIG/MAG) application requirements. See Brochure.

stargold cylinder

Argon Carbon Dioxide Mixtures

Argon Carbon Dioxide blends are versatile mixtures for welding carbon, low-alloy and some stainless steels.


Argon Oxygen Mixtures

Argon/oxygen blends are mostly widely used for conventional and pulsed spray transfer on clean (little or no scale or residual oil), plain carbon and stainless steel.


What Do They Say About Linde StarGold Shielding Gases?

Users of Linde StarGold blends report reduced spatter with little or no residual slag, so there’s little or no post-weld cleanup. This allows weldersto spend more time welding, for greater productivity. Linde StarGold blends also improve your operation by producing less over-welding, reduced grinding, less fume and faster travel speeds.You get better weld bead shape and excellent weld metal mechanical properties.

Top Quality And Consistency

Every Linde StarGold shielding gas blend you order is mixed consistently at every level. Linde’s patented Starblend™ mixing system technology is specially designed for maintaining mixture integrity with argon-based blends containing carbon dioxide. Complete evacuation and purging of empty cylinders is required before filling using our patented eductor tube blending system.There’s no residual gas waste from stratification so you can use all the gas you’ve ordered every time — while also reducing your costs.