Stargon VS Welding Gas Blend

Argon/Helium/Carbon Dioxide Blend for Carbon Steel MIG Welding

Linde's Stargon VS is an optimized blend of argon, helium and carbon dioxide formulated to perform well with all solid and metal-cored wires. It can be used to join plain carbon steel, coated or electro-galvanized steel, and may be suitable for some stainless steel applications in various industrial applications. Versatility is the key feature of Stargon VS. It is an excellent choice for short-circuiting, spray or pulsed spray welding for a wide variety of applications. When welding over moderate rust, mill scale, or galvanized coating, the stable arc characteristics produced by Stargon VS result in a weld with little to no porosity and excellent bead appearance. Any fine spatter produced will typically not adhere to the work piece. This reduces, or can eliminate, postweld cleaning. The unique blend of gases in Stargon VS produce a stable metal transfer over a wide range of operating conditions. Welding can be done at high deposition rates and fast travel speeds without sacrificing weld quality or bead appearance, and will not increase the low spatter levels of Stargon VS.

Features and Benefits

Product FeaturesBenefits
Versatile: One blend for many applicationsMay be used with a range of consumable and material types
May be used with different forms of metal transfer
Good wetting characteristics
Low oxidation level
Improved heat transfer using helium
Greater arc stability with low volume CO2 addition
Excellent weld properties
Better stability over a range of surface conditionsReduced porosity levels made possible on galvanized sheet material
Less spatter on surfaces with light oil/scale

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Below are comparisons between shielding gas blends over a range of operating conditions. They are intended to provide suggestions for gas blend selection based on the criteria indicated.

stargon VS gas

Note: The selection of the appropriate shielding gas can be complex due to the variety of operating variables (base metal chemistry and thickness, transfer type, wire selection and welding position). Consult your Linde representative to help you choose the best gas for your application.

Welding Conditions Selection Table

Wire Diameter (in)ProcessWire Feed Speed (ipm)Current Level (amps)Voltage (volts)*
0.035Short Circuit275-400100-17516-20
0.035Pulsed Spray300-500125-22520-26
0.045Short Circuit150-280100-17517-20
0.045Pulsed Spray250-400150-28024-28