The handheld AccuStar® computer ensures faster cylinder transaction processing, on-site invoicing and reduced paperwork.

  • Electronic data flow improves billing accuracy through the elimination of manual entry of part numbers, descriptions or quantities.
  • The customer signs the handheld computer screen and receives a legible printout of his delivery document. Invoices can be printed and paid on-site via credit card or cash, thereby reducing paperwork and administrative costs.
  • The customer can take delivery and place his next order at the same time. A just-in-time delivery option is easily arranged.
  • Computerized data helps us more accurately forecast the customer's demands and manage cylinder inventory to ensure an ongoing supply of product.
  • Computers plot the customer's hours of operation and time window for delivery of product – deliveries are received when it is most convenient. StarDirect®, Linde's world class welding products distribution system offers unsurpassed customer service.