High Performance Liquid Helium Dewars

Linde dewars make handling liquid helium easier because they have several features developed and patented specifically for this special purpose.

  • Multi-layer insulation to reduce evaporation losses.
  • Cooled shields to simplify your operation thereby reducing costs and hazards. Escaping helium vapor is used to cool the system, avoiding the need for cooling with nitrogen and the subsequent cost and hazardous vapors in an enclosed area.
  • Light weight for easier lifting and moving.
  • Rugged, all-welded construction for increased performance life of the multi-layer insulation and shield system.
  • Large-diameter neck tubes to allow for better structural integrity and for larger-sized liquid helium withdrawal apparatus.
  • Non-magnetic dewars available for use with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) units.
  • Absolute relief valve to extend use of dewars to airborne as well as surface shipments.
  • Complete Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) range of dewars available to meet all known liquid helium volume needs.

Liquid Helium Dewar Specifications

Capacity (liters max)60100250500
Diameter (in/cm)24/6124/6132/81.342/106.7
Height (in/cm)51/127.359/147.967/171.170/179.3
Tare Weight (lb/kg)165/75200/91335/152540/245
Neck Diameter (in/cm)1.45/3.71.45/3.72.4/6.12.9/7.4
NER (Static loss max. per day)1.75%1.25%1%.75%