Linde’s MicroBulk Solutions

Praxair MicroBulk SolutionsLinde’s MicroBulk on-site gas delivery system is the cost-effective cylinder alternative for your business. By replacing cylinders with an on-site, uninterrupted supply, Linde’s MicroBulk delivery system maximizes profitablity and improves efficiency-and it's from Linde, the largest industrial gas company in North America.

Pumper Trucks

  • Designed exclusively for cryogenic gas service
  • Multiple trucks for maximum geographical coverage
  • Multiple distribution points for maximum efficiency

Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Optimized for on-site filling
  • High fill rate capability (2-12 minutes)
  • Longer hold times than standard liquid containers
  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel

Outdoor Filling Box for 24/7 Delivery

  • Exterior wall-mounted
  • Locked, tamper-resistant
  • Eliminates production interruption
  • Allows around-the-clock fills

Telemetry System

  • Direct link to Linde’s customer service
  • LCD readout indicates current status
  • Accuracy within +/- .10”
  • Three-level setting
  • Audible low-level alarm with two-way calling

Gross Capacity liters4504504501056105610561550155020422911
Net Capacity liters4204204209509509501455145519452707
MAWP psig250350500250350500250350500500350
Max Gas Delivery Rate scf/h5755755759609609601350135020001350
Diameter in30303042424248484859
Height in6868687777779191117117
Tare Weight lbs6056888121550175022503080335038604500
Inner and Outer Sheel Construction Materials304SS304SS304SS304SS304SS304SS304SS304SS304SS304SS
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