PC-Based CNC Controllers

Hypertherm Edge Pro

Hypertherm® EDGE Pro®

Designed to be flexible and easy to use, the EDGE Pro delivers reliable performance for improved profitability. Using Phoenix software, this CNC improves cut quality and productivity by delivering our expertise directly to your factory, making it as if you have your best operator on every shift.

  • Intel® 2.4 GHz CPU or faster
  • 1 GB RAM or greater
  • 15" or 19" glass touch screen
  • Embedded Windows® XP
  • X-Y and bevel cutting
  • Bevel head controls
  • Built-in wizard tools for new operations
Burny 10LCD Plus

Burny® 10LCD Plus

The Burny 10LCD Plus is the leader in PC-based shape-cutting motion control. This industrial-grade PC is designed to operate in shop environments with temperature and humidity extremes, metal dust, RF radiation and constant machine movement and vibration. Easy to learn and use, the Plus allows multiple control program tasks to be completed simultaneously.

  • Upgraded Intel® Mobile CPU
  • 1 GB RAM for improved multi-tasking
  • Easily integrates into your system
  • Embedded Windows® XP and tenAsys INtime® for real-time motion control
  • Bright, full-color 15' to 19' touch screen
  • 50-shape library and help screens
  • Burny CAP
  • Create/edit shapes within the control
Burny Phantom


The Burny Phantom is a completely integrated package featuring a PCbased numeric control, 2 or 3 axis drive amplifiers and a comprehensive operator console with functions for up to 6 oxy-fuel and 2 plasma stations. The Phantom provides the latest advances in CNC technology on a proven platform engineered to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • 1.5 GHz Intel® Mobile CPU or faster
  • 1 GB RAM for improved multi-tasking
  • Bright, full-color 10' touch screen
  • Embedded Windows® XP
  • Operates any cutting machine
  • 2 or 3axis AC or DC drives
  • Can be equipped for TurboNest® BE
  • Fast DFX file conversion
  • Expandable shape library

*Information subject to change without notice.