Torch Height Control Systems

Hypertherm® ArcGlide® Torch Height Control

Designed to deliver optimized performance without operator input, The ArcGlide THC offers optimal cut quality, increased productivity and reduced operating costs for plasma cutting applications.

Features and Available Options
  • For single or multiple plasma torches
  • Optimal consumable life and superior cut quality
  • Up to 100% improvement in the number of parts cut per hour
  • Plasma on/off and torch raise/lower control locally and remotely
  • Laser pointer for easy job set-up

Burny® SmartHC® Torch Height Control

SmartHC torch height control increases productivity and cut quality. Includes one control box with up to five powerful 400 watt AC brushless drive amplifiers two or three for machine motion and one or two reserved for height control.

Features and Available Options
  • Controls up to two torch stations
  • Plate sense speed during initial height setting
  • Adjustable plate touch force
  • Collision protection system with auto height correction
  • Auto and manual modes

Burny® INOVA® Torch Height Control

The INOVA height control system can interface with up to eight torch stations, offers a touchscreen remote, and is capable of being programmed manually or through an RS-422 link by a Burny PHANTOM or 10LCD Plus.

Features and Available Options
  • Controls up to eight torch stations
  • Unparalleled control over even the smallest cut angle and face variation
  • Fully programmable...up and running in as few as three functions
  • Optional torch anti-collision system
  • Optional remote control with touch screen for more flexibility

Available for installation on these ProStar cutting machines: PRS 100, 150, 200, 400HD, 500HD, 800HD