Linde's Gas Commitment

Linde is a global leader in industrial gases, supplying a wide range of products, technologies and equipment. Our customers look to us for our quality, dependability and consistency as well as our service and leading-edge technology. Metal fabricators around the world rely on Linde pure gases and blends.

Industrial gases include atmospheric gases and process gases. Atmospheric products are produced when air is purified, compressed, cooled, distilled and condensed through a sophisticated air separation process to produce argon, nitrogen and oxygen and other rare gases (xenon, krypton and neon).

Process gases like carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, acetylene, Linde's FG-2™, propane and propylene are produced from natural gas as a chemical by product.


Gas purity is essential to high quality. Linde is a full line supplier that has the capability to manufacture the gas purity required to support the most demanding application. To accomplish this, Linde operates ISO-certified production facilities which can deliver the gas purity you need, with an optimized delivery system from small high-pressure compressed gas cylinders to large liquid bulk tanks. In many instances, cryogenic gas purity is not required. For these applications, Linde offers a full line of non-cryogenic gas generators including the option of producing nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air with the flow and pressure requirements matched to the application at hand. To understand which technology is suitable for your application, please consult with your local Linde Sales Representative.


As a global leader in the industrial gases arena, our production standards facilitate that product quality is maintained around the world. That's a Linde trademark. Our production and cylinder filling technology have been shown to consistently produce the product quality demanded for your operation.


Linde's vast distribution network in North America and our versatile supply system expertise – from cylinder to bulk including pipelines – help ensure that your gases are delivered cost effectively no matter what the demands are for your specific application.


Ours is a history of innovation, providing cutting and shielding gases technology. This results from our worldwide R&D efforts which focus on application based solutions for all your arc, plasma, laser welding and cutting operations.

Technical Support

Our commitment to exceed your expectations is unparalleled in our industry. You see it in the rapid response of our technical support teams, our local sales representatives, and our shielding gases engineers. To support our efforts, we use cost reduction programs such as Linde's StarSolver™ Productivity Enhancement Program. In many cases, significant cost savings may be realized with little or no capital investment. With this advanced software tool, we can help you to achieve:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower fume levels
  • Improved product quality
  • Optimized gas utilization
  • Reduced rework
  • Lower bottom line production costs