EDI documents come in many different forms and formats. Connecting transactional platforms of customers and vendors can be difficult and considerably time consuming as each field of all forms must be correctly mapped and verified on both sides. OpenText simplifies the connecting of these platforms by providing a master map that serves as a standard and direct support to shorten the onboard time. Linde uses OpenText and has completed our alignment with the OpenText master map, allowing us to onboard new customers with a much shorter lead time. We are ready to help you onboard through OpenText for EDI transactions to help you simplify your procurement processes and let you focus on your business.

EDI: A Win-Win Opportunity

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one way Linde can help you reduce the cost of doing business. EDI is an electronic (paperless) option for customer transactions including purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, invoices and invoice acknowledgements.

Getting Started

Customers who would like to establish an EDI/cXML transactional relationship with Linde through EDI integration should complete the form on this page to enter our onboarding process.