Valve Manifold Box

Linde’s Valve Manifold Boxes (VMB) are designed to safely split a single Hazardous or Non-Hazardous gas supply into multiple use points. This concept increases efficiency in the manufacturing or research area by reducing the required space necessary to supply multiple locations. Distribution Valve Boxes (DVB) are designed with larger components to supply high volumes of gas.

Standard Designs

  • Manual – Functions are operator controlled for cost efficiency
  • Semiautomatic – Provides a safety shutoff controlled by customer selected inputs such as leak detection or low exhaust flow
  • Automatic – Provides ultra safe operation by preventing valves from opening incorrectly. Also allows for fully automatic purging and gas on/off operation from the manufacturing tool
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Panel Configurations

Valve Manifold Boxes are available with modular outputs from 1-4 and 1-8 sticks. This concept allows for cost efficient expansion as the customers facility grows. When selecting a configuration first decide what the total future amount of sticks will be and install either a 4 or 8 stick enclosure. Then specify from 1-4 or 4-8 sticks.

Standard Features

  • 11 Gauge steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Self closing and locking door with access port
  • Wall mount
  • PLC controller (Semi-automatic and automatic models) with color touch screen operator panel

        -  Color Touchscreen Operator Interface
        -  4 level security prevents unauthorized access
        -  User configurable alarms

Typical Stick Configuration

  • Dual isolation valves
  • Regulator with gauge or transducer
  • Excess Flow Switch
  • Purge and vent valves

Optional Stick Components

  • Coaxial outlet with or without monitoring
  • Weld port for ease of process line installation

System Options

  • Floor Mount Leg kit
  • Leak Detection
  • UV/IR Flame Detection