Fully-automated and sized to fi t through a doorway, the DESKTOP METAL™ Furnace delivers high-quality sintering in a form factor suitable for shop environments. With high thermal uniformity and low gas usage, the furnace heats parts in a vacuum enabled chamber to just below their melting point, fusing the metal particles together to create sintered parts with densities up to 98%. Featuring an external gas hookup and adjustable shelving totaling 3,000 square centimeters of surface area for sintering parts, the furnace scales to support mid-volume production of high-quality, dense metal parts ready for end-use applications.


Linde’s Sintering Process Rack is a reliable gas supply solution that helps you spend more time printing and less time changing out cylinders. The rack features two bays that hold two cylinders of Linde's ADDvance™ Sinter 250ADD gas blend on one side and two cylinders of ADDvance Argon 5.0ADD on the other. The cylinders connect to a switchover for continuous gas flow and are monitored by an adjustable pressure alarm that signals when it is time for a cylinder to be replaced.

To help maintain gas purity, the cylinders feed gas to the mounted two-stage regulation panels featuring minimal metallic wetted surfaces. The regulation panels provide and maintain accurate pressure and flow rates even as cylinder pressure declines. Gases are routed to the side mounted process panel valve, enabling users to quickly change gases with the turn of a valve as material needs change. Linde's Sintering Process Rack ships completely assembled for quick and easy installation. It includes a 10-foot flexible stainless steel hose to connect the rack to your furnace.

Praxair Desktop Metal Furnace 2
Praxair Desktop Metal Furnace


  • Reliable gas supply with low pressure alarm
  • High-quality, two stage regulation
  • Two-sided rack holds two cylinders of ADDvance™ Argon 5.0 ADD and two cylinders of ADDvance Sinster 350 ADD
  • Switchover process panel valve


  • Reduces process interruptions
  • Protects gas purity
  • Reduces cylinder changeouts
  • Allows fast gas changes as material and part needs change

Sintering Panel Low Gas Supply Alarm

The attached process panel low gas supply alarm is a low voltage, four channel system that may be plug into 120/220 volt, 50/60 hertz power. It provides monitoring up to four gas supply sources, two cylinders of ADDance Argon 5.0 ADD and two cylinders of ADDance Sinter 250 ADD gas blend.

The system also has an audio report than can be shutoff, while the light stays on until the cylinder has been replaced. Additionally, a transformer steps down the voltage to a much safer nine volts which is sent to the alarm via a two-conductor wire. This provides a safety advantage in that if the control wire is damaged, users are protected from exposure to the primary power. 

ADDvance™ Argon 5.0 ADD Pure Gas
Cylinder Part NumberAR 5.0ADD-T
Gas DescriptionArgon
Cylinder Contents336 CF (9.15CM³)
Gas Flow Rate105 CFH (2.97CM³)
Cylinder PressureLess than 2,900 psig/200barg
CGA ConnexctionUSA 580 (right-hand thread)

ADDvance™ Sinter 5.0 ADD Gas Blend
Cylinder Part NumberAR HY2.85ADD-K
Gas Description2.85% Hydrogen in Argon
Cylinder Contents212 CF (6.00CM³)
Gas Flow Rate26 CFH (0.74CM³)
Cylinder PressureLess than 2,900 psig/200barg
CGA ConnexctionUSA 350 (left-hand thread)
Praxair Metal Desk Top Cylinder