Acetylene Clusters 

High-quality acetylene— on-demand all day long

Our acetylene 9-cylinder cluster eliminates cylinder change-outs and keeps the gas flowing.

The more time spent on swapping out single cylinders is less time spent meeting deadlines and getting work done. Switching from single cylinders to our 9-cylinder acetylene cluster saves time and labor by providing you with a single, convenient connection to a large supply of high-quality, high-purity acetylene gas. Plus, our 9-cylinder cluster enhances your site safety by featuring a built-in flash arrestor that stops flashbacks. And because you don’t have to worry about multiple single-cylinder change-outs, there’s less cylinder handling which also helps you make a safer work environment.

Linde — we’re always developing ways to ensure your productivity flows.

We’re proud of our acetylene 9-cylinder cluster. Linde, the largest industrial gases company in North America, is a recognized provider of onsite gas supply technology. And with our 9-cylinder acetylene cluster, we provide you with a cost-effective source of high-purity acetylene for all types of applications, including vacuum carburization, glass mold coating, thermal spray, brazing and gas welding, and more.

Linde’s acetylene 9-cylinder acetylene cluster:

  • Delivers better purity
  • Decreases cylinder handling
  • Reduces cylinder change-outs
  • Helps you increase site safety
Praxair Acetylene Clusters

Improved Safety

  • Built-in flash arrestor stops possible flashbacks and helps prevent explosions
  • No more single-cylinder swap outs reducing potential leaks that can create a flammable atmosphere
  • Reduces handling of cylinders
  • Frame design offers safer portability with a crane or forklift convenience
  • Continuous supply of high-purity acetylene
  • Less cylinder handling and change-outs
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Linde can provide automatic replacement using a continuous order process

Increased Productivity and Savings

  • Less downtime due to cylinder change-outs
  • More efficient accounting and ordering
  • Minimum inventory maintenance
  • Productive use of labor force
  • Efficient use of production space
  • Lower maintenance costs (no longer need to maintain a separate manifold)

High-Quality Acetylene

  • Consistent high purity provided by chemical grade acetylene
  • Higher product yield
  • Uniform supply
  • Dimethylformamide (DMF) solvent instead of acetone reduces solvent “carry through” into the gas stream

9-cylinder cluster for all applications

  • Vacuum carburization
  • Glass mold coating
  • Thermal spray
  • Semi-conductor
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Atomic absorption analysis
  • High temperature cutting and welding

Acetylene 9-cylinder cluster technical features:

  • Number of cylinders: 9
  • Acetylene content: 4,050 cubic feet
  • Acetylene: Chemical grade (typically 99.2% pure)
  • Pressure: 250 psig
  • Flow rate: 400 cf/hr max
  • Solvent: DMF only
  • Transport: Forklift or crane
  • Weight (full): 3,150 pounds

Cluster includes:

  • Header Manifold with B Valves
  • Flash Arrestor
  • Regulator (0–15 psig delivery)
  • CGA 510 for Customer Connection