Microbulk Tanks

Improved Efficiency and Less Shop Downtime.

Microbulk gas delivery system keeps work flowing.

Time spent changing cylinders results in less time spent getting work done. Linde's Microbulk gas delivery system is an on-site, cost-effective solution that provides your shop with an uninterrupted gas supply keeping the gas and the work flowing. Wireless telemetry lets you focus more on your business by monitoring supply levels and automatically generating orders for on-time deliveries. This helps to reduce product outages, as well as time spent managing inventory and placing orders.

Features and Benefits 


  • Uninterrupted supply
  • Linde supply management – telemetry
  • No cylinder handling and change-outs
  • Reduced inventory management

Increased Productivity and Savings

  • Reduces downtime on cylinder change-outs
  • No residual returned to supplier
  • More efficient accounting and ordering
  • Minimum inventory maintenance
  • Productive use of labor force
  • Efficient use of production space
  • Lower maintenance costs

High Quality

  • Consistent high purity
  • Higher product yield
  • Uniform supply

Improved Safety

  • Eliminates cylinder handling
  • No worries about cylinder leaks
  • High-pressure cylinders replaced by low-pressure tanks
Praxair Microbulk Tanks

Profile of a Fully Engineered Alternative Gas Delivery System

Linde is the largest industrial gases company in North America. We’ve leveraged our size and experience to engineer a dependable gas delivery system that will meet your specific needs. Each complete system includes the following quality-built equipment:

Pumper Trucks

  • Designed exclusively for cryogenic gases service
  • Multiple trucks for maximum geographical coverage
  • Multiple distribution points for maximum efficiency

Filling Box

  • Exterior wall-mounted
  • Locked, tamper-resistant
  • Eliminates production interruption
  • Allows around-the-clock fills


  • Choose from a variety of storage tank sizes
  • High fill rate capability
  • Longer hold times than standard liquid containers
  • Tough 304 stainless steel construction throughout

Telemetry System

  • Direct link to Linde's customer service
  • LCD readout indicates current status
  • Accuracy with +/- .10”
  • Three level setting
  • Audible low-level alarm
  • Wireless or can be connected to a dedicated phone line


Model (Manufacture Specifications)450VHP 700VHP 1000VHP 1500VHP 2000VHP 3000VHP
Gross Capacity (liters)4506881,056 1,5502,0422,911
Net Capacity (liters)
420 645 950 1,455 1,945 2,707 
MAWP (psig) 500 350 500 500 500 500
Max Gas Delivery Rate (scf/h) 575 660 960 1,350 2,000 2,000
Diameter (in) 30 42 42 48 48 59
Height (in) 68 60 77 91 117 122.5
Tare Weight (lb) 812 1,250 1,750 2,500 2,950 4,250

Materials of Construction: Inner and Outer Shell 304 Stainless Steel 

Lower Pressure Models are available.