HERCULES™ Oxygen Microbulk System

Introducing the HERCULES™ Microbulk System


The HERCULES™ microbulk oxygen system is a line of palletized cylinders in rugged, flyable frames with capacities of 450 and 1000 liters. This portable microbulk system supplies oxygen service in a package that is ideal for work sites that demand products in rugged, maneuverable packages able to withstand tough or extreme environments.

The flyable cage allows the HERCULES system to be lifted by crane or moved by forklift around work sites, wherever they are needed. The HERCULES oxygen tank is a high-pressure tank allowing for a MAWP of 350 psi. The 450 liter oxygen tank replaces three 12-packs of 300 scf high pressure cylinders on-site and the 1000 liter oxygen replaces eight 12-packs of 300 scf high pressure cylinders.

HERCULES oxygen microbulk


Product Highights


Robust inner support system

Galvanized steel frame with an aluminum cover

Super insulation provides long lasting vacuum

Valve controlled road relief circuit with 22psi relief valve so the cylinder can be shipped full based on DOT cryogenic exception rule CFR 49 section 173.320 for 1000L model

Cellular telemetry monitors and reports tank levels



Dimensions (H/W/L in.)

Empty weight (lbs.)

Full weight* (lbs.)

Storage capacity (scf)

 Perma-Cyl 450HP41 x 41 x 821,3632,49611,124 
 Perma-Cyl 1000HP53 x 53 x 94 2,7755,43330,070 


*Full weight in oxygen service