CAIRE® Liberator® Reservoir

caire liberator resevoir LOX base station


The CAIRE Liberator series offers multiple reservoir options to meet the specific needs of an oxygen provider’s fleet and its users. All controls (including the easy-to-read LED meter) come mounted on the top for quick reference and easy operation. The standard internal flow control valve offers oxygen delivery up to 15 LPM. Sizes range from 20 liters for easy delivery and portability to 60 liters to maximize time between refills.

CAIRE Liberators have industry standard fill connectors and can be ordered with three fill options: top-fill, side-fill or dual-fill. The CAIRE Liberator is capable of filling any CAIRE top fill or side fill portable units.

CAIRE Liberators features and benefits include:

  • 20-60 liter capacity.
  • 6.5–18 days of operation at 2 LPM.
  • Internal control valve offering up to 15 LPM.
  • Easy-to-read and accurate LED meter.
  • Fill all CAIRE top- and side-fill portables.

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