Abrasive Wheels

Linde utilizes an industry recognized color coding and identification system to help users identify the right bonded abrasive wheel for their application. There are also several other key identifiers to look for on a wheel; RPM’s, wheel size, thickness and arbor size to ensure the correct product is used.

Common Application Problems


Filling of the pores of the grinding wheel surface with the material being ground, usually resulting in decreased cutting rate and poor finish

  • The wheel can be dressed to remove the loading temporarily.
  • To prevent loading, select a wheel specifically designed for the application.


An extreme condition of loading on a grinding wheel caused by dull abrasive grain and a buildup of resin covering the grain

  • The wheel can be dressed to remove the glaze temporarily.
  • To prevent glazing, select a softer grade or coarser wheel.
Praxair Abrasive Wheels