ProStar™ Heavy-Duty 4-Roll Duty Bender Series - PRS4RHD

Built for high productivity and ease of use, Linde's ProStar™ “supreme duty” 4-roll double-pinch plate rolls are solidly constructed to extend machine life and minimize maintenance. The PRS4RHD Series machine uses 75 percent fewer moving parts when compared with swing-arm and torsion bar plate roll designs.

Supremely Constructed

Massive end frame weldments on the 4RHD Series provide superior performance, strength and rigidity. Direct linear-guide geometry delivers 100 percent thrust to the rolls, producing a better pre-bend, even to 1.1 × top roll diameter. All 3 and 4 Roll ProStar HD plate rolls are built using an identical advanced technology platform, which includes digimatic controls, antifriction guides, hydrotronic automatic digital roll balancing, plug and play socket-type wiring harness, independently-driven rollers and multiple oscillating, self-aligning tapered roller bearings.

Heavy-Duty and High-Performance

ProStar’s PRS4RHD Series are 4 roll, double pinch, hydraulic plate bending machines. These units have independent hydraulic adjustment and inclination of both lateral bending rolls, hydraulic pinch roll adjustment with adjustable pinch pressure, hydraulic drop end for rapid part removal and independent hydraulic powered rotation of the top roll and pinch roll using high-efficiency hydraulic motors and planetary reduction units.

  • Capacities from 3 ft. to 24 ft.
  • lengths, 16 GA to 6 in. capacity
  • Overhead and lateral supports
  • NC & CNC-3D CAD controls
  • In-feed roller tables
  • Part ejectors and more!
Praxair Heavy-Duty 4-Roll Duty Benders PRS4RHD

Standard Features

  • Machine frame mono-block weldments in heavy steel plate, electro-welded, stress relieved, and precision machined
  • Hydraulic pinch adjustment from control station; adjustable pinch pressure
  • 3 axis digimatic touch screen programmable control with redundant push buttons
  • Top and pinch rolls driven via independent hydraulic motor/ planetary reducer units for near 100 percent efficiency in torque transmission to the rolls
  • Automatic digital/PLC controlled roll parallelism including 6 on screen readouts
  • Hydraulic powered drop-end actuated from the operator’s station for rapid part removal.
  • Automatic tilt of both lateral rolls from touch panel control (cone and counter cone rolling directions)
  • Energy-saving automatic hydraulic pressure peak control, with pinch pressure adjusted through the touch screen and a readout toggle from PSI to BAR per your preference
  • Machine controls in 24 VAC low voltage on stable, heavy-duty, mobile console
  • Circumferential safety trip wire guard with 3-way switch
  • E-Stops on controls
  • Drop end guard and safety lock-out

Available Options

  • Induction hardened rolls 56-60 HRC
  • NC and CNC-3D CAD controls
  • Cone rolling devices
  • Hydraulic overhead and lateral supports
  • Roll camber compensation system
  • Hydraulic oil coolers & heaters
  • Slotted and/or patterned rollers
  • Infeed roller tables and more


Standard Configuration

Part No.Length (ft)Capacity:




Roll Diameter:

Top Roll

Power (hp)Weight (lbs.)
PRS4RHD 5514 GA - 1-1/4 in.10 GA - 1-1/2 in.4 in. - 15 in.6.5 - 483,400 - 31,200
PRS4RHD 6616 GA - 1-1/2 in.14 GA - 1-7/8 in.4 in. x 18.11 in.6.5 - 723,900 - 55,000
PRS4RHD 8816 GA - 1-3/8 in.14 GA - 1-3/4 in.4.33 in. - 18.11 in.6.5 - 724,400 - 54,500
PRS4RHD 101016 GA - 1-1/4 in.14 GA - 1-1/2 in.5.11 in. - 18.11 in.6.5 - 725,200 - 66,000
PRS4RHD 121210 GA - 1 in.9 GA - 1-1/4 in.8.66 in. - 18.50 in.12.5 - 7214,000 - 74,000
PRS4RHD 141410 GA - 7/8 in.9 GA - 1-1/8 in.10.24 in. - 19.69 in.18 - 7221,000 - 87,000

*Models and specifications are indicative of range of standard models. Higher capacity machines and longer, or shorter, lengths on request. Technical data are approximate and subject to modification without notice. Capacities assume yields of 36,000 psi.

Specifications subject to change without notice.