Specialty Applications for Orbital Welding 

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Turntable System - Turn 300 

This welding turntable system is particularly suitable for non orbital-ready components at higher quantities. The Turn 300 can be connected to all Orbitec controllers.

  • Hollow shaft OD 70 mm (purge components through center)
  • Quick-change orbital TIG torch system
  • Bit tilts to any 90° angle
  • High quality three-jaw chuck

Package Includes:

  • Turntable and console
  • 2 sets of jaw chucks
  • Bed plate and positional plate
  • Multi-positional welding torch arm provides infinite adjustment
  • TIG torch bracket, cable, chuck key, ground cable

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Praxair Specialty Applications


Part No. Load Swivel Range

Current Transmission

Chucking Capacity Inner 

Chucking Capacity Outer 

Turn 300Max 300 N0° - 90°, infinitely variableMax 300

50 mm - 230 mm 

1.970 in. - 9.060 in.

10 mm - 120 mm 

0.394 in. - 4.720 in.

Tube-to-Tube-Sheet Weld Heads - RBK 20 

With tube-to-tube-sheet weld heads, the reproducible welding of tubes to tube sheets is possible at consistent high quality with or without external welding wire. Tubes to be welded may be flush with the tube sheet, offset, protrude, or located in the rear sheet. The lightweight, easy-to-use RBK 20 comes with a water-cooled torch. The optional cold wire feed is static at the head (does not turn).

Package Includes:

  • RBK weld head
  • Water-cooled cable assembly
  • Three-point support (support ring optional)
  • Torch equipment
  • Tool kit

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Praxair RBK 20 Weld Head
Part No. Field of Application Welding Current 

Wire Motor

Rotation Speed 

Wire Coil 

Wire Diameter Weight (without wire feed)Weight (with AVC)
RBK 20ID 9.8 mm - 78 mm / 0.3585 in. - 3.070 in. Max 200 A24 VDC Tacho

5 rpm

1 kg, 100 mm. dia.

0.6 mm - 1.2 mm 8 kg11 kg