Gas Cabinets

Linde UHP (Ultra High Purity) Gas Cabinet Systems

The ProSpec™ UHP series gas cabinets offer the safest and most reliable means to deliver Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Gases. ProSpec cabinets feature Semiconductor Grade components and are widely used throughout the micro and nanotechnology industries. All models feature high integrity VCR fittings and 316L EP (Electro-polished) wetted components. The control systems utilize state of the art PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) to provide uninterruptible gas service from small to very large scale gas delivery systems. Manual to fully automatic versions are available. Pulse/purge cylinder change systems provide a high level of safety and gas purity by removing residual process gas and contaminants during cylinder change and maintenance operations.


  • UHP gas delivery
  • Indoor/outdoor installations
  • Limit personnel exposure
  • Safety and security – locking door standard
  • Meets or exceeds code requirements for HPM gases
Praxair Gas Cabinets

Standard Features

  • 11 gauge steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Exhausted Enclosure with efficient design to reduce facilities exhaust requirements
  • Self closing door and access window
  • Exhaust monitor alarms if facilities exhaust fan fails
  • Built-in sprinkler to meet NFPA codes
  • Excess flow switch
  • Vent and N2 purge systems for removing process gas during cylinder change
  • Automatic cylinder switchover based on cylinder pressure or weight provides 24/7 gas availability

Typical Configurations

One cylinder cabinet – process cylinder

  • Regulator panel with pulse/purge
  • SP100 PLC controller
  • 6 valve panel
  • Custom panel assembly available by request and safety review
  • Requires exterior purge panel

Two cylinder cabinet – process/process or process/purge

  • Regulator panels with pulse/purge
  • SP1000 PLC controller
  • 6 valve panel
  • Semi-automatic switchover
  • Semi-automatic with purge
  • Automatic switchover
  • Automatic with purge
  • Dual process outlet
  • Custom panel assemblies available by request and safety review
  • Auto-switchover requires external purge panel


Three cylinder cabinet – process/process/purge (gas dependent)

  • Regulator panels with pulse/purge
  • SP1000 controller
  • 6 valve panels
  • Semi-automatic switchover with purge
  • Automatic switchover with purge
  • Custom panel assemblies available by request and safety review

Cabinet Accessories

  • Cylinder shelf
  • Scales
  • Gas detection system – Internal sensor with gas detection controller/alarm
  • UV/IR detection (flammable and pyrophoric gases)
  • Heat switch (flammable gases)
  • Coaxial outlets with or without monitoring
  • Outlet filter (.003 micron)
  • Weld port on outlet allows ease of process line installation

Specialized – Gas Dependent Options

  • DISS or CGA pigtail connection
  • UV/IR Detection (flammable and pyrophoric gases)
  • Heat switch (flammable gases)
  • Open rack systems for pyrophoric gases stored outdoors

Standard SP100 and SP1000 Controller Features

  • PLC controllers
  • Color touchscreen operator interface
  • Automatic purge routines
  • Customer configurable alarms
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • 4 level customer programmable security codes to prevent unauthorized access
  • Remote monitoring capabilities

7000 Series Gas Cabinet

The 7000 Series gas cabinet enclosures are used to store Gas Cylinders and to mount gas delivery panels for the safe use of hazardous gases. Each gas cabinet has a steel panel installed to facilitate a simple regulator up to a fully customized gas handling system. They provide a low cost method to contain any gas releases and achieve compliance of NFPA Standards municipal and customer safety codes.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe storage of compressed gases and delivery systems
  • Gas releases are contained and vented to an exhaust system away from workers
  • Optional gas leak detection systems can be linked to an alarm and/or emergency shutoff
  • Clean laboratory appearance, since cylinders are kept inside enclosure and not in the workplace
  • Meets NFPA requirements

Design and Construction Features

  • Doors and windows that close and latch automatically; exhaust vent located on top of cabinet
  • Air inlet louvers
  • Internal UL approved fire sprinkler with protective coating.
  • Adjustable cylinder brackets


  • All welded construction using 11 GA steel
  • Epoxy coated for maximum UV protection
  • 1/4” thick, wire reinforced safety glass window

Ordering Information

Part No.Capacity


in (cm)


in (cm)


in (cm)

PRS71001 cylinder 72 (183)18 (46) 18 (46)
PRS7200 2 cylinder 72 (183) 24 (61)18 (46)
PRS7300 3 cylinder 72 (183)36 (91)18 (46)
PRS7400*4 cylinder 72 (183)48 (122)18 (46)

* Four cylinder cabinets not approved for storage or use with some gases, Please verify NFPA gas volume requirements. 

Option Part Number
Cylinder ShelfPRS7001
Dome Roof ConfigurationsPRS7003 
Keyed Door Latch PRS7005 
Air Intake FilterPRS7010 
Custom Cabinets  Contact your Linde representative
Rubber Floor MatPRS7013

Semiconductor Gas Cabinets, Panels and Controllers

Linde’s one-, two- and three-cylinder gas cabinets are reliable, easy to use and are designed with safety as a priority.

Easy to Use

  • Self-retracting cylinder ramps assist cylinder changeout Recessed cylinder scales
  • Skylights for improved internal ambient lighting
  • PLC (SurePurge™) or Microprocessor (UltraPurge™) controllers with intuitive operation
  • Minimum 140° door opening allows unencumbered access replaceable bulkhead adapter plates for simplified customer installation

Standard Features on UltraPurge and SurePurge Gas Cabinets

  • Both models feature Z-purge for NEC Class 1, Division 2 rated locations
  • Dual cabinet outlets
  • Auto-switchover configuration for continuous gas service
  • Exhaust flow monitor
  • UltraPurge models
    • PLC controller for reliable service
    • One controller per process panel provides reliability
    • Over 10,000 units in service worldwide
    • Easy-to-use operator interface
  • SurePurge models
    • PLC platform
    • Open communication protocol through ethernet
    • SurePurge 100 model replaces UP100 series
    • SurePurge 1000 model
    • Readily available PLC with color touch screen reduces cost
    • Replaces UltraPurge for upgrade applications
    • SurePurge 1500 model
      • PLC with color touch screen operator interface
      • Offers maximum control with user customization and a wide variety of configurable input and output options

Cabinet Configurations

  • One-, two- or three-cylinder cabinets available on SurePurge and UltraPurge models
    • One-cylinder cabinet with single process gas panel
    • Two-cylinder cabinets available in process/process or process/purge configuration
    •  Three-cylinder cabinets available in process/process/purge configuration
  • SP8100 model panels
    • WP5M semiautomatic panel offers safe, basic gas operation
    • Manual purge and vent systems reduce cost
    • UP2 purge panel provides inert gas for maintenance operations
  • UltraPurge model panels
    • Automatic valve panels (UP6 – standard, UP8 – high pressure purge)
    • UP2 purge panel provides inert gas for maintenance operations
  • SurePurge model panels
    • UP10 with dual valve isolation on purge and vent system provides the most reliable panel available
    • UP2 purge panel provides inert gas for maintenance operations

Safe Operation

  • Air intake filters and diffuser for continuous, positive ventilation
    • Efficient enclosure design reduces facilities exhaust requirements – less than 200 standard cubic feet/minute (scfm) air flow through the dual cylinder model (300 scfm through three-cylinder enclosure)
      • Self-closing, self-latching windows and doors
  • Raised, perforated floor and bottom filtered air intake eliminate dead pockets around cylinder base
  • UL approved fire sprinkler
  • UV/IR detection for pyrophoric gases
  • Four-level passcode protection on controllers to prevent unauthorized use
  • Integrated to accept multiple customer fault inputs
  • CE approved on UltraPurge (UP) models, SEMI® S2 on SurePurge (SP) models

System Options

  • Automatic cylinder switchover for continuous gas flow
  • Cylinder shelves available
  • Auto-switch with dual cabinet
  • Coaxial process outlet with monitoring to accommodate double containment piping
  • Light tower for cabinet status
  • Gas management systems ready on all models