Strip and Ship™

Save it all – time spent with on-site remediation of empty cylinders and the costs of hazardous waste disposal. Portagas™’ patented Strip & Ship™ cylinder return program (U.S. Patents RE 45,572 and No. 8,162,587) utilizes our Portagreen™ recyclable cylinders in an easy-to-use, three-step return process. This means you are not left with piles of empty cylinders, on-site cylinder remediation by your employees and no hazardous waste disposal costs. The Strip & Ship program is fully functional in the United States, Canada and Australia.


  1. Make sure gauge reads zero.
  2. Strip off content label to reveal prepaid return label beneath it.
  3. Arrange for FedEx pickup or deliver to a FedEx location.
Praxair Portagas Strip & Ship