Hydrocarbon Processing

Oil and gas exploration…refineries…petrochemical/chemical plants…gas processing units…distribution networks. Performance expectations for each of these hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) operations have never been greater. Key to achieving and maintaining this performance level are the many gases employed in this multipurpose industry. Meeting today’s complex hydrocarbon processing challenges requires more than a reliable, single-source supplier of industrial gases. It takes a total solutions company like Linde.

As a world leader in manufacturing and distributing atmospheric, process and specialty gases, Linde is uniquely positioned to apply unparalleled systems and resources to create innovative, cost-effective solutions for the hydrocarbon processing industry – now and in the future.

Linde hydrocarbon processing solutions will help improve productivity, increase capacity, reduce emissions and enable performance monitoring and tracking. From bulk quantities to 17-liter portables, Linde offers the largest selection of gases, containers and delivery systems in the industry.
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Full Spectrum Product Line

Today’s hydrocarbon processing industries (HPI) require high precision measurement, uniform stability, specialty mixes and reference standards. With Linde’s Spectrum wide range of certified mixes, industry reference standards and high purity organics, the production of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, engine fuels and ethane are analyzed to meet process feed and salable product specifications. Spectrum gases and liquid mixes are formulated to certifiable references and to meet standards for your low sulfur fuels and natural gases, vapor pressure, LPG standards, and HVOC requirements. Additionally, Linde possesses an extensive portfolio of assayed chemicals to customize your requirements.

Centers of Excellence

To effectively service North America, Linde has three centers of excellence dedicated for hydrocarbons located in Geismar, Louisiana; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Mexico City, Mexico. Each of these centers have advanced cylinder treatment capabilities, blending systems and analytical equipment to effectively service the HPI market. They are supported by specialty gas experts who are actively involved in the HPI market.

Other support comes from Linde R&D, where teams of scientists are dedicated to the development of specialty gas products and services.

Reliable Production and Distribution

Linde possesses multiple ISO 9001:2000 certified plants with five specialty gas plants and North America’s largest gas production facility working to provide the highest quality products, product availability, and meeting on time delivery requirements. With over 600 U.S. locations, our distribution network accompanied by our ability to supply custom delivery solutions for packaged and bulk products allows Linde to offer packaged and bulk options that may help you increase your productivity.

A Complete Range of Gas Delivery Equipment

Linde’s offers a wide range of essential equipment to meet the demands of today’s hydrocarbon processing facility laboratories and process feed monitoring instrumentation gas delivery solutions. From specialty regulators for corrosive service to hydrogen laboratory generators, Linde’s expertise can help you provide process improvement which can result in reduced costs.

Industry Wide Association Interface

Most customers have individual needs, but in some cases problems are evaluated and resolved under the umbrella of a trade or industry wide association. Linde works with many of these organizations, including ASTM D-2, D-3, GPA, WSPA and API.


Refiners worldwide rely on Linde’s extensive product capabilities, high-quality processes, vast distribution network and commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Whether it’s pipeline and on-site production, bulk, tube trailer and cylinder supply or a complete line of equipment and accessories, Linde offers a full spectrum of products and services to meet your needs.

Natural Gas

From the well head to the power plant, Linde delivers products and services needed by the natural gas industry. Supported by the most extensive distribution network in North America, Linde is dedicated to exploring new and innovative solutions to the nation’s energy and natural gas demands.


Linde’s specialty gases production facilities provide products for petrochemical and petroleum related products. Including a wide range of both pure organics and mixtures and the delivery systems to support them. Linde is the hydrocarbon processing industry’s preferred supplier.


A Complete Product Line

Whether for lab analysis or process control, Linde offers a wide range of pure organics and mixtures in many container types and sizes. Our ISO 9001:2000 Certified Advanced Application Group in Geismar, Louisiana, for example, specializes in unusual organic matrices and trace impurities.

Linde's high-quality manufacturing process features:

  • Computerized phase behavior evaluation
  • High-purity assayed raw materials
  • Proprietary cylinder preparation
  • Precise gravimetric blending systems
  • Certification and/or confirmation analysis

Multi-component Mixes

Linde can supply gas blends containing over 100 individual components. Our Mix-Cal software program evaluates your specific product mix needs verifying component compatibility and calculates the mixture requirements ensuring safe multi-component high quality gas blends.

Natural Gas

Extensive Distribution Network

Through a robust network of hundreds of supply points served by dozens of gas plants, Linde provides reliable delivery of gases, supply systems, advanced process and applications technologies and other services that deliver exceptional value to the natural gas industry.

Pure specialty and industrial grade gases are available in high pressure or ultra high pressure cylinders, multi-packs or tube trailers to meet any requirement. Linde’s full line of environmental products support compliance and regulatory needs of the natural gas industry.


Pure Organic Products

Linde’s extensive supplier network provides access to a wide range of raw materials. These raw materials often have more stringent specifications than other commercially available materials. In-house proprietary purification is also used in cases where higher specifications are required.

Petrochemical Mixtures

Linde provides a wide range of mixtures for both process control and product quality QA/QC. The products meet ASTM 2163 and/or GPA standard 2140.

LPG Reference Standards

Component PropaneIsopentane n-Pentane Propylene Propane/ Propylene Butane 
1-3, Butadiene 3.0%20 ppm

2, 2-Dimethylbutane 


2, 3-Dimethylbutane--1.0%
Benzene1.0% -
n-Butane3.0%4.0%40 ppm0.1-1%30-64%
cis-2-Butene 3.0% 0.1% - 50 ppm --
trans-2-Butene3.0% 0.1% - 30 ppm- -
Carbon Monoxide- - - - - -
Cyclohexane --2.0% - - -
Cyclopentane - - 2.0%- - -
Ethane 3.0% ---0.1-4% 0-2%
Ethylene3.0% - - - - -
n-Hexane - - 2.0%- - -
Isobutane 5.0%0.6%- 60 ppm 1-3% 15-25%
Isobutylene - - - 40 ppm 1-3% 0-6%
Isopentane - 95.0% (Bal)5.0% - 0-1% 0-2%
Isoprene 0.2% - - - -
Methane 1.0% - - - - -
Methyl Cyclopentane - - 1.0% - -


2-Methylpentane - - 2.0% ---
3-Methylpentane 1.0% - 1.0% ---
n-Pentane 5.0% - 81.0% (Bal)- - -
Propane 70.0% (Bal)---4-94% 3-45%
Propylene ---99.97% (Bal)4-95% 0-6%

Liquid Containers

Linde offers liquid mixtures in aluminum cylinders (4L, 2L, 1L, 500ml, 250ml). These containers are effective in maintaining the integrity of complex matrices over extended periods. We continually look for new packaging techniques to enhance our hydrocarbon products. Please call us with your special packaging requests.

HRVOC and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Standards

Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds (HRVOC) Standards

Linde provides a variety of standards used in Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds testing of environmental conditions.

Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compound (HROC) testing of vents, flares, cooling towers and fugitive emissions requires calibrations standards used by the equipment which verifies air quality and composition. In addition to the most common analytes of Ethylene, Propylene, 1,3 butadiene and butene, other products and concentration ranges are available.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Standards

Recognizing the global trend to reduce sulfur levels in fuels to meet recommended guidelines established by the World Wide Fuel Charter, Linde can provide sulfur standards customized to meet your requirements. Linde offers stable high-quality standards for your fuel calibration needs.

Total or speciated sulfur and nitrogen available for liquid and gas phase blends. Total Sulfur in Diesel Fuel could be ordered as Dibenzothiophene, Thiophene, Hydrogen Sulfide or n-Butyl Sulfide.

All liquid cylinders will contain an inert pressure pad based on the customer’s specifications of either nitrogen or helium. The pressure and the volume of the pressure pad will vary depending on the cylinder size required for the mixture.

Component Dibenzothiophene Thiophene Hydrogen Sulfide n-Butyl Sulfide
Total Sulfur as Diesel Fuel 1-30 ppm 1-25 ppm 1-10 ppm 1-300 ppm

Balance GasBalance Gas Balance GasBalance Gas
Total Sulfur in Gasoline may be ordered as Benzothiophene, Dimethyl Sulfide, Hydrogen Sulfide or n-Butyl Sulfide. Sulfur Standards in a gasoline matrix may be ordered as either isoOctane or a blend of Toluene and isoOctane.

The most common ranges are listed below but other ranges are also available. All liquid cylinders will contain an inert pressure pad based on the customer’s specifications of either Nitrogen or Helium. The pressure and the volume of the pressure pad will vary depending on the cylinder size required for the mixture.

Component Benzothiophene Dimethyl Sulfide Hydrogen Sulfide n-Butyl Sulfide
Total Sulfur as Gasoline 1-30 ppm1-50 ppm 1-10 ppm 1-150 ppm

Balance GasBalance Gas Balance GasBalance Gas