High Capacity. Maximum Productivity.
Linde’s Amplify™ Gas Cylinders Deliver More Capacity, Convenience, Safety and Cost Savings

Amplify High Capacity Cylinders

Linde’s Amplify cylinders contain significantly more gas than conventional cylinders yet possess similar dimensions and ergonomics. This extra capacity is achieved by filling Amplify cylinders to 6,000 psig versus the 2,640 or 2,200 psig, common for “T” or “K” style cylinders, respectively. The resulting increased gas volumes are summarized in the table below. The valve on the Amplify cylinders includes an integrated regulator that steps the outlet supply pressure down to approximately 1,300 psig, so the Amplify cylinder is immediately compatible with your existing regulators and gas distribution systems.

Gas Capacity by Cylinder Style

Gas TypeKTAmplify B6K Amplify C6K 
Nitrogen 228304503506
Hydrogen 196260N/A492

The Benefits of High Capacity

The Amplify high capacity cylinders enable longer run times and dramatically reduce all of the labor and hassles associated with replacing cylinders. Fewer cylinders needed during the year means fewer cylinder deliveries as well as fewer cylinders returned with unused residual product. More gas in the cylinder can decrease the risk of run-outs and help you avoid replacing partially-full cylinders too early to ensure enough gas is available to complete your work. Reductions in labor, delivery fees and unused product can translate into meaningful cost savings. The extra capacity also gives you the option to reduce your overall cylinder inventory and free up valuable floor space.

Praxair Amplify

Benefits and Features

  • Cost savings — Reduced labor, deliveries and product waste
  • Improved productivity — Less time spent ordering, transporting and changing out cylinders
  • Reduced run-out risk — More gas in each cylinder; more gas on site for same number of cylinders
  • More available floor space — Less cylinders for equivalent gas inventory; more available floor space
  • Enhanced safety — Reduced cylinder handling, connecting and transporting
  • Compatibility with existing equipment — Integrated regulator valve
  • Easy-to-read cylinder contents — Integrated active pressure gauge
  • Improved safety and ergonomics — Permanently attached open steel guard protects cylinder valve and gauge

Amplify Cylinder Design

Linde's Amplify cylinders utilize advanced materials to achieve the 6,000 psig rating. Two Amplify cylinder options are available – a standard design designated as B6K and a low weight design designated as C6K. These Amplify cylinders have dimensions similar to conventional T and K cylinders, so they are easily integrated into your current gas distribution system.

Amplify cylinders also feature an open steel guard that protects the valve during both shipping and use while giving you easier access to the valve for attaching a regulator or turning on the gas flow. The valve includes an active pressure gauge that continually reads the cylinder contents, so you always know the state of your gas supply, regardless of whether the cylinder is in use.

Linde’s Amplify high capacity cylinders support manufacturing at all scales, minimizing cylinder orders, change-outs, run-outs, residual gas returns, inventory, and overall footprint. With the Amplify cylinders, you spend less time dealing with your gas supply and more time focused on your work. Pair Amplify cylinders with Linde’s StarView™ remote cylinder monitoring to maximize gas supply control and reliability and reduce costs.

Cylinder StyleKTAmplify B6K Amplify C6K 
Height at Valve Opening (inches)53.2557.2557.8057.50
Height at Top of Guard (inches)N/AN/A63.8064.00
Diameter (inches)
Empty Cylinder Weight (lbs)133143179127*

*Empty cylinder weight for hydrogen is 146