Linde’s Amplify™MAX High-Capacity Gas Delivery System delivers more capacity, convenience and cost savings in a safer package

Linde’s AmplifyMAX system contains the same gas volume as a traditional 300 cubic foot cylinder 6-pack cylinder cluster, with a 32% smaller footprint and in a 66% lighter package. The AmplifyMAX system’s capacity is achieved by using a type-3 composite cylinder pressurized to 6000 psig and housed in an HDPE-enclosed frame riding on large casters. This packaging provides a clean appearance and lowers the center of gravity, making moving and placement of the system safer and easier than the traditional options.

Praxair AmplifyMAX

In addition to the superior stability and maneuverability, the system valve has an integrated regulator that steps the outlet pressure down to approximately 1300 psig, making the AmplifyMAX System ‘plug and play’ compatible with your existing gas distribution systems and eliminating the need to purchase any additional equipment.

Compared to traditional cylinders, cylinders clusters and portable liquid vessels, AmplifyMAX represents a markedly safer high-volume gas storage and delivery system. Avoid potential exposure to higher pressure gas or cryogenic liquid. Significantly improve safety and convenience. Order AmplifyMAX today.

Patent protected in the U.S. by D898,318 and US Patent No. 11,300,249 and US Patent No. 11,781,713; in Australia by AU Patent No. 2018390805 and patent pending in Europe, Canada and Taiwan


AmplifyMAX Comparison Table

ProductVolume/ WeightT Size Single

T Size 6-Pack 


ArgonFill (scf) 3352,0101,902
Weight (lbs.)177 1,417 601
Helium Fill (scf) 291 1,745 1,717
Weight (lbs.) 145 1,222 422
Nitrogen Fill (scf) 304 1,824 1,614
Weight (lbs.) 165 1,345 521


H x W x D (in.)

 55 x 9 74 x 33 x 25 58 x 22 x 25