Robotic MIG Guns and Consumables 


Linde brings you industry-leading performance with lower operating cost.

The TOUGH GUN™ G2 Series from Tregaskiss packs all of your favorite features into a sleek, air-cooled robotic gun design that maximizes accuracy, repeatability and durability.

  • Next-generation goose-neck alignment features maintain a more accurate and repeatable tool center point
  • Thick-walled aluminum armor goose-neck is highly durable and resilient in the event of a collision
  • Sleek design improves work envelope

Standard Features

  • QUICK LOAD™ goose-neck with hand nut mechanism–no tools required when replacing G2 goose-neck
  • QUICK LOAD liner requires less time and effort to replace compared to conventional-style liners
  • TOUGH LOCK™ Consumable System delivers improved performance and reliability for maximum productivity

Available Options

  • TOUGH GUN I.C.E.™ G2 hybrid design combines the benefits of water cooling with the durability of air-cooled G2 goose-necks
  • Wire brake feature provides the ability to clamp the wire into a fixed position when wire touch sensing is utilized to determine the location of weld joints (available for wire sizes from 0.035” to 1/16” diameter)
Praxair Robotic MIG Guns & Consumables

Amperage Rating*

Model 60% Duty Cycle-Mixed Gases Or 100% Duty Cycle-CO₂
300 amp300 
500 amp500

TOUGH GARD™ Spatter Cleaner 

Consumables Cleaning Station for Robotic MIG Guns

The TOUGH GARD™ Spatter Cleaner is an all-in-one consumables cleaning solution from Tregaskiss. The factory-installed sprayer and wire cutter are standard features, making this compact cleaner a great fit for both your weld cell and your budget.

Simple Solution

  • Hard wired for easy integration with existing robotic/PLC automation controls
  • Wire cutter and sprayer are standard features
  • Four sided v-block is compatible with the majority of Tregaskiss™ nozzles

Improves Welding Efficiency

  • Cutter blade removes accumulated spatter from nozzle, retaining head and contact tip
  • Sprayer applies a layer of TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter liquid which prevents spatter adhesion
  • Wire cutter removes ball at end of wire and improve arc starts
  • By minimizing spatter accumulation, the TOUGH GARD Spatter Cleaner extends the life of your robotic MIG guns and consumables, resulting in improved welding efficiency and lower operating costs
Praxair Tough Gard Spatter Cleaner
Part No.Description 
PRS ER1-625W TOUGH GARD spatter cleaner for 5/8" bore Tregaskiss nozzles 
PRS ER1-500W TOUGH GARD spatter cleaner for 1/2" bore Tregaskiss nozzles
Product Specifications
Rated Voltage 24 VDC
Operating Voltage ± 10% of rated voltage 
Power Consumption

0.45 W per coil

Max wattage in operation 0.9 W

Air Requirements (minimum) 60 psi (4.3 bar) at 6.4 CFM (3L/s)
Air Motor (at min. air requirement)

Stall Torque at 60 psi (4.3 bar)

or 46 in-lbs. (5.2 Nm)

Weight 27 lbs (12.17 kg)
Footprint Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.9" x 8.5" x 21" (226 x 216 x 533 mm)
Anti-Spatter Sprayer Standard feature
Wire Cutter Standard feature

TREGASKISS™ Common Consumable Platform

Praxair Tregaskiss Common Consumable Platform


Tregaskiss™ has designed its long-lasting consumables for maximum flexibility and compatibility between consumable parts and across various gun models.

Cross Compatibility

In many cases, the same nozzles, TOUGH LOCK™ contact tips and QUICK LOAD™ liners can be used with Tregaskiss semi-automatic, automatic, and robotic MIG guns. The TOUGH LOCK Consumable System can also be extended to competitive brands of MIG guns with the TOUGH LOCK Conversion Series. Less consumable inventory is needed to maximize flexibility and productivity across a variety of MIG welding applications.

Better for Linde Customers

As part of Linde's StarSolver® Productivity Enhancement Program, the Tregaskiss Common Consumable Platform is the cost-effective choice for your ProStar™ robotic welding system. Contact your Linde Productivity Specialist for details.

Praxair Tough Gard Gun