TAWERS™ Robots

Maximum Productivity

TAWERS arc welding robots by Panasonic are the culmination of years of research combining a new line of high performance TA-series manipulators with the latest generation EAC™ technology WG welders. Linde offers these next generation robotic welding solutions in a broad range of models to maximize productivity and ensure a fast return on your investment.

Praxair Tawers Robot 800x445

High Deposition TIG

  • TIG package can be retrofitted to any existing TAWERS robot
  • Touch Start eliminates the need for high frequency and the associated noise during arc starts
  • Unique filler wire arrangement reduces feeding-related issues
  • Wire can enter puddle from any position
  • Current shunt enables improved wire deposition by preheating filler metal
  • Embedded Arc Control (EAC) enables true synchronized wire feed, parameter and robot motion
  • Compact torch design
  • Optional arc voltage height control

Aluminum MIG

  • MIG package can be retrofitted to any existing TAWERS robot
  • Ultra-stable servo wire feed system
  • Improved arc starting with Lift Start function
  • Low pulse function promotes the ability to oscillate between 2 parameters (High-Low) during welding
  • Synchro-weave function for true synchronous control of wire feed, parameter control and robot motion


Praxair Tawers Robots 2

TAWERS Performance

  • High speed
  • Bus communication technology
  • Advanced sensitivity
  • Ultra-low spatter
  • Dustproof welder


Praxair TAWERS Robots 3 360x225