MegaCal Cylinders

Smaller Footprint Meets High Capacity

MegaCal™ Portagreen™ Cylinders, part of our line of recyclable cylinders for calibration gases, are available in three sizes. Our MegaCal cylinders are more compact than standard cylinders and provide the calibration gas capacity you need in more portable sizes.

These ISO7866 globally approved cylinders are available practically everywhere and when combined with our patented Strip & Ship™ return program, you can use Portagas high-quality calibration gases without the expense of cylinder remediation or hazardous waste disposal.

MegaBump Cylinder

7 Liters

  • 300 bumps in the palm of your hand
  • No dangerous goods shipment required in the United States and Canada

MegaCal 60 Cylinder

60 Liters

  • One-third the size of the standard 58 liter package
  • Holds 60 liters of gas

MegaCal 300 Cylinder

300 Liters

  • Holds five times the capacity of the standard 58L gas package
  • 300 liters of calibration gas