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High-quality welding consumables are important to producing high-quality welds. Choosing the right consumables and keeping them readily available for your welding operation can help you maintain productivity and minimize downtime. An effective inventory should include items that require regular replacement, from nozzles and contact tips to liners, diffusers, collets, and collet bodies. At Linde Gas & Equipment, we offer consumables needed for many of today's most common welding applications.

Types of Welding Consumables We Supply

The experts at Linde have decades of experience helping customers choose effective consumables for their welding applications. Our sales staff is ready to help you select the right consumables and supplies to help you meet your operational needs. Choosing Linde as a single source for your consumables can help you save time and money – less time spent shopping and ordering, and fewer deliveries.

Browse our welding consumables lineup:

MIG welding consumables, including nozzles, contact tips, gas diffusers, and liners

TIG welding consumables including cups, collets, collet bodies, tungsten electrodes, and other products

Our plasma-cutting consumables include items for manual and mechanized cutting, such as nozzles, electrodes, and other common parts, as well as the new HYPERTHERM® SYNC™ products

We supply various welding chemicals essential for an efficient operation, from anti-spatter, galvanize-spray and weld cleaner, to cooling fluids and leak detector.

Linde stocks laser welding consumables, including lenses, optics, and nozzles.

Robotic welding consumables including nozzles, contact tips, liners, and gas diffusers, which are essential for maintaining efficiency and weld quality.

Linde offers contact tips and liners to meet your submerged arc welding consumable requirements.

Welding Consumables Brands We Feature

Linde Gas & Equipment has long-standing relationships with popular manufacturers which allows us to offer a comprehensive online selection of welding consumables. Our lineup features products from some of the industry's most recognized brands, including:

Lincoln Electric



Miller Electric

Tweco contact tips

Victor Equipment

Harris Products

Bernard Tregaskiss contact tips 

Welding Chemicals and Consumables at Linde Gas & Equipment

Linde Gas & Equipment is one of the largest suppliers of welding equipment and consumables. We offer strategically placed distribution centers and retail locations across the contiguous United States to deliver the high customer satisfaction levels synonymous with our name.

Explore our inventory to find consumable products for your application. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us online for additional information.