Advantage K-71T Wire - 0.045 in - 33 lb | 71T1C04533

Linde Part #: ADG71T1C04533 Manufacturer's Part #:71T1C04533  /

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K-71T Wire - 0.045 in - 33 lb


  • It is designed for welding of 490MPa high tensile steel with outstanding mechanical properties
  • Wire is a titania type of flux cored wire for all-position welding
  • It features excellent mechanical properties, easy slag removal, low spatter generation, smooth bead shape, high X-ray safety
Brand Advantage
For Welding Position Flat, Horizontal, Overhead, Vertical Down, Vertical Up
Series K-71T
Tensile Strength 490 - 670 MPa
Wire Diameter 0.045 in
Wire Type Flux-Cored
Yield Strength 390 MPa
MFG 71T1C04533
Product Weight 33 lb