Magnum 7000G Carbide Burr - 3/8 in | 7G124ADC

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Magnum 7000G Carbide Burr - 3/8 in

Carbide burs are one of the most widely used and versatile cutting tools used in virtually every industry. Manufactured from Tungsten Carbide they are primarily used to remove burrs (the small flakes of metal) that often remain on the workpiece after the machining process. Burs are available in standard lengths long series (for hard to reach applications) and in miniature sizes (for use in pencil grinders).

Brand Drillco
Burr Diameter 3/8 in
Burr Head Material Solid Carbide
Burr Head Shape Pointed Tree
Cut Type Double
Length of Cut 3/4 in
Shank Diameter 1/4 in
Shank Material Solid Carbide
Trade Number SG-3