Arcair 70 ULTRA PLUS Wire 0.045 in - 33 lb | 245015813

Linde Part #: ESA245015813 Manufacturer's Part #:245015813  /

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Arcair 70 ULTRA PLUS Wire 0.045 in - 33 lb

Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus is an all-position wire that is uniquely designed to provide high deposition, outstanding all position performance and a fume emission rate approaching that of solid wires. It is optimized for use with 90% Ar/10% CO2 shielding but works well with mixes ranging from 75% Ar/25% CO2 to 95% Ar/5% CO2 . Among the outstanding features of Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus are a very wide operating window, very high out of position deposition rates (vertical up and overhead at over 12 lb/ hr), and welds that are virtually spatter free. Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus may be used in a variety of applications including railcar, automotive, heavy equipment, and general structural steel fabrication. It is especially recommended in applications where reduction of welding fume is a priority.

Brand ESAB
Applicable Material Steel
For Welding Position All
Series 70 ULTRA PLUS
Tensile Strength 88 ksi
Wire Diameter 0.045 in
Wire Type Flux-Cored
Yield Strength 80 ksi
MFG 245015813
Product Weight 33 lb
Subcategory Welding Consumables