Arcair 601 Submerged Arc Flux - 55 kg | 8454F09

Linde Part #: ESA8454F09 Manufacturer's Part #:8454F09  /

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Arcair 601 Submerged Arc Flux - 55 kg

OK Flux 601 is a neutral, bonded flux specificallydesigned for surfacing applications with type420and modified 420 stainless steel wires.When used with Alloy Shield 420 series wires, itproduces smooth, well washed beads. The slagis self-peeling even at temperatures over 700°F(371°C). Applications include the rebuildingof continuous caster rolls, crane wheels, andpickler roll

Brand ESAB
Container Size 55 kg
Container Type Bag
MFG 8454F09