Arcair 309L TIG Rod - 3/32 in | 165324R150

Linde Part #: ESA165324R150 Manufacturer's Part #:165324R150  /

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Arcair 309L TIG Rod - 3/32 in

Bare corrosion resisting chromium-nickel welding rod for welding of similar steels of 24% Cr, 13% Ni types. The alloy is also used for welding of buffer layers on CMn steels and welding of dissimilar joints. When using the wire for buffer layers and dissimilar joints it is necessary to control the dilution of the weld. OK Tigrod 309L has a good general corrosion resistance. When used for joining dissimilar materials the corrosion resistance is of secondary importance.

Brand ESAB
Container Size 11 lb
Finish/Coating Bare
Overall Length 39 in
Series 309L
Tensile Strength 590 MPa
Yield Strength 430 MPa
MFG 165324R150