Arcair 35FA Wire - 0.045 in - 33 lb | 35FA12982V

Linde Part #: ESA35FA12982V Manufacturer's Part #:35FA12982V  /

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Arcair 35FA Wire - 0.045 in - 33 lb

FCAW wire for low carbon 18%Cr - 12%Ni – 2%Mo stainless steel for all-position welding. For welding type 316 stainless. Contains molybdenum which resists pitting corrosion induced by sulphuric and sulphurous acids, chlorides and cellulose solutions. Used widely in the rayon, dye and paper making industries. Carbon content 0.04% maximum.

Brand ESAB
For Welding Position All
Series 35FA
Tensile Strength 570 Mpa, 580 Mpa
Wire Diameter 0.045 in
Wire Type Flux-Cored
Yield Strength 450 - 442 MPa
MFG 35FA12982V
Product Weight 33 lb
Subcategory Welding Consumables