Hougen RotaLoc PlusAnnular Cutter - 1-1/4 in | 17840

Linde Part #: HOU17840 Manufacturer's Part #:17840  /

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Hougen RotaLoc PlusAnnular Cutter - 1-1/4 in

RotaLoc Plus annular cutters are designed for the low profile drill. They're made of M42 high speed steel, feature stack cut geometry for penetrating multiple plates in a single pass and are designed for a full 1 in D.O.C. They feature a 5/8 in bayonet-style shank mounting for fast change out, with no tools required to install in the drill spindle, and can be as easily removed. For optimum cutter tool life and cutter efficiency use.


  • Hougen RotaLoc cutters feature a quick shank mounting system for changing cutters without tools
  • "Stack-Cut" end tooth geometry which is required for drilling through 2 or more pieces of material at once

  • Brand Hougen
    MFG 17840