Hougen 3 12000 Annular Cutter - 1-1/8 in - 3 in | 3-12236

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Hougen 3 12000 Annular Cutter - 1-1/8 in - 3 in

Hougen portable magnetic drills and many competitive models on materials up to 275 BHN (28.5 HRC). They are made of hardened M2 high speed steel and are precision ground for excellent performance throughout the cut and long tool life. They require less horsepower and thrust to cut, and last much longer than traditional holemaking methods. "12,000-Series" cutters have a 3/4 in diameter double-flatted shank. Modified end tooth geometry is also available for drilling in stacked plate applications. For extended tool life and lower cost per hole "12,000-Series" cutters are resharpenable.


  • Hardened M2 high speed steel material
  • Precision ground and fully fluted provides better chip evacuation, requires less horsepower and offers better performance in deeper holes
  • 3/4 in double flatted shank is very rigid and offers up to 2 times the tool life as compared to quick change tool mounting on competitive products
  • Only a thin area of material touches the outside of the hole which provides for less friction and a better hole finish
  • Patented hougen-edge geometry provides faster, smoother cuts, with less chatter
  • Tapered inner diameter provides a relief area between the slug and cutter to reduce horsepower and improve slug ejection
  • Up to 10 cutting edges distribute the cutting load evenly to maximize feed rates
  • The slug offers a higher scrap value than loose chips
  • Makes large diameter holes efficiently without the mess of chips
  • Hole produces a slug of material that could be used for another job

  • Brand Hougen
    MFG 3-12236