Hypertherm 260A mild steel swirl ring | 220436

Linde Part #: HYP220436 Manufacturer's Part #:220436  /

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Hypertherm mild steel swirl ring consumable

For use with HyPerformance 260A

Protect your investment! Choose genuine torches and consumables for your Hypertherm plasma cutting system and keep your system running at peak performance. Here’s why:

Patented technologies – Every day, Hypertherm engineers are working on new ways to improve the plasma cutting process. Thousands of hours of engineering time focused solely on plasma consumable technology guarantees the best possible cutting performance from your system.

Synergistic design – Hypertherm systems and consumables are designed to work together. System features and consumable designs are matched to optimize performance and reliability – to give you the best possible cut, over the longest service life.

Critical to function engineering – Hypertherm engineers identify the critical features of each consumable part that will have an impact on cutting performance, and design accordingly. The specifications for these features are held to tolerance ranges that exceed even Six-Sigma quality standards.

Highest quality – Investments in the most current quality systems, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and intensive machine operator training ensure that every consumable part that you receive from us will perform to your highest expectations.

The main function of the swirl ring is to control the swirling action of the plasma gas flow around the electrode in order to center the cutting arc on the electrode and through the nozzle, and to constrict the cutting arc for faster cut speeds and thicker cut capability.

Brand Hypertherm
Material Mild Steel
MFG 220436
Subcategory Cutting Equipment