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Industrial Insulation Foil Tape

Multi-purpose foil tape for a variety of applications. Nominal 1.8 mil aluminum foil is excellent for use on fibrous and sheet metal ducts.cold weather acrylic adhesive is specifically designed for adhesion in temps as low as -10°F/23°C flexible foil conforms well to curved or irregular surfaces. Hand tearable and easy to install on site without special tools or application methods.features an easy release liner. 3M venture tape aluminum foil tape 1520cw features a nominal 1.8 mil aluminum foil coated with pressure sensitive, cold weather acrylic adhesive. This tape combines flexible foil for irregularly-shaped applications and excellent low temperature performance. It conforms to fibrous ductboard and sheet metal ducts and works well in general-purpose heat shielding and light reflecting applications.a flexible foil tape for a range of environments. 3M venture tape aluminum foil tape 1520cw is a nominal 1.8 mil foil backed tape that excels in a range of applications and environments including low temperatures. It is excellent for general-purpose heat shielding and light reflecting applications. its aluminum foil backing is coated with a cold weather acrylic adhesive. The aluminum backing conforms around corners and to curved and irregular surfaces with ease and is an ideal choice for applications on both fibrous and sheet metal ductwork. The adhesive performs extremely well in demanding cold and hot temperature applications. The tape is hand tearable and installs easily, eliminating the need for additional tools or applications methods.3M venture tape aluminum foil tape 1520cw is ul723 classified (10/10 flame/smoke rating). Recommended applications.fibrous ductboard, sheet metal ducts and blankets.applications requiring flexibility and good temperature performance. General purpose foil tape for a variety of applications.excels in demanding temperatures.3M venture tape aluminum foil tape 1520cw is coated with a pressure sensitive cold weather solvent acrylic adhesive specifically designed for cold weather applications. This adhesive performs well in both demanding temperature and humidity applications. It adheres immediately on contact to a variety of materials, including fibrous and sheet metal ducts. with a service temperature ranging from -40° F/-40° C to 260° F/127° C, this tape can be applied in a variety of environmental conditions. Once bonded, it will provide good holding power for extended periods with good aging properties that resist lifting and curling.

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