Koike Aronson Flashback Arrestor - Fuel | S1C13082

Linde Part #: KOIS1C13082 Manufacturer's Part #:S1C13082  /

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Koike Aronson Flashback Arrestor - Fuel


Check Valve Reverse gas flow prevention valve. ▪ Flashback Arrestor Filter Sintered metal creates a cool down below ignition temperature. ▪ Thermal Cut-off Thermal detector activates at 203°F (95°C). ▪ Gas Hose Coupler Sentinel quick release allows quick connecting and disconnecting of hoses. ▪ Auto Gas Shut-off Automatic shut off of gases on both the plug and socket side when plug is removed. Prevents gas release from hoses and gas supply side. ▪ Gas Manifold Use Prevents dangerous gas leaks and waste at connections. Meets OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.253(e). ▪ Coupler and Flashback Arrestor The unique combination of flashback arrestor and coupler protects the end user from flashback arrestors and allows quick assembly and removal of the torch from the gas hoses.

Brand Koike Aronson
Flow Rate 105.9 ft3
Gas Type Fuel
Pressure 0.01 - 0.13 MPa
MFG S1C13082