Lincoln Electric Lincolnweld 316/316L Wire - 1/8 in - 55lb | ED035178

Linde Part #: LINED035178 Manufacturer's Part #:ED035178  /

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Lincolnweld 316/316L Wire - 1/8 in - 55lb

Lincoln Electric's combination of submerged arc wire and flux is designed to produce sizeable weld deposits with exceptional quality and bead appearance


  • Designed to be used primarily with basic fluxes that recover nearly all of the wire chromium in the deposit
  • The 2-3% molybdenum improves pitting corrosion resistance of the weld deposit
  • Low carbon content recommended where there is a risk of intergranular corrosion
  • Q2 Lot - Certificate showing actual wire composition available online

Brand Lincoln Electric
Series 316/316L
Tensile Strength 550 Mpa
Wire Diameter 1/8 in
Yield Strength 380 MPa
MFG ED035178
Product Weight 55 lb