LincolnElectric 70S-4 Wire - 0.035 in - 44 lb

Linde Part #: MUREDM23346393 Manufacturer's Part #:EDM23346393  /

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LincolnElectric 70S-4 Wire - 0.035 in - 44 lb

Murematic S4+ is your first choice when welding on metals with a low to medium presence of surface contaminants such as rust or mill scale. Murematic S4+ MIG wire has all of the advantages of Murematic S3, with slightly higher levels of manganese and silicon. It has higher "cleaning" levels, and produces a more fluid weld puddle and flatter bead profile. Murematic S4+ has an excellent reputation for feedability and trouble-free performance.


  • Well suited for applications where accurate and consistent wire feed are necessary.
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Manufactured under a global environmental quality system certified to ISO14001 requirements.

  • Brand Murex
    Applicable Material Sheet Metal
    Finish/Coating Copper Coated
    For Welding Position All
    Series 70S-4
    Tensile Strength 70000 psi
    Wire Diameter 0.035 in
    Yield Strength 58000 psi
    MFG EDM23346393
    Product Weight 44 lb