Bioxido De Carbono Welding Positioner - 0 to 9 RPM

Linde Part #: MBCBP-2-B Manufacturer's Part #:BP-2-B  /

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Bioxido De Carbono Welding Positioner - 0 to 9 RPM

The M.B.C. model BP-2 welding positioner is the "workhorse" of our line. The BP-2 is a sturdy, smooth running positioner that will handle the loads and heavy demands of production MIG and intricate TIG welding. The BP-2 positioner handles up to 200 lbs. of balanced load in the horizontal position.The M.B.C. model BP-2 positioner enables the operator to make any angle the correct DOWNHAND angle for fast, smooth welding of small and intricate assemblies. Welders can deposit more metal with fewer passes because weld flows more readily and pools evenly. Welds are more uniform, stronger, and require minimum finishing.The front mounted speed control allows convenient, infinite selection of speeds, both forward and reverse, from 0-18 RPM, depending on the positioner model. The BP-2 features a DC motor with a SCR speed control that is insulated from high frequency interference.The foot switch provides convenient "on-off" control of the table rotation. The easy positioning tilt table provides the exact setting for the best welding angle and highest productivity.The M.B.C. positioner is also handy for chipping, grinding, painting, gluing, and other production operations that require controlled circular movement.

Brand Bioxido De Carbono
Amperage 250 A
Load Capacity 100 lb, 200 lb
Table Speed 0 to 9 RPM
Voltage 110 V
Table Diameter 12 in
Table Tilt Angle 10 °, 90 °