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Linde Part #: PRSSG6651-660 Manufacturer's Part #:SG6651-660  /

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Cylinder Connection, CGA660, CGA Nipple: Type 310 Stainless Steel, CGA Nut: Type 310 Stainless Steel

Cylinder connections are used for connecting various items of gas handling apparatus (such as pressure regulators or pigtails) directly to high pressure gas cylinders. The actual connection varies depending on the gas in the cylinder and is designated by a three digit code (CGA Connection Number) as set forth in Compressed Gas Association publication V-1. Cylinder connections consist of a CGA nut and CGA nipple and in some cases require a washer for sealing purposes.

Linde offers cylinder connections in a variety of configurations and materials. One configuration, available in either brass or type 316 stainless steel, features a check valve housed within the CGA nipple. This configuration restricts flow to only one direction, and prevents "backflow" from the process to the cylinder.

Also offered are special type 316L stainless steel cylinder connections which end in a male vacuum-type face seal fitting for use in systems utilizing VCR or VCR compatible type fittings.

Brand Prostar
MFG SG6651-660
UNSPSC 40140000