ProStar High Purity 3012 Series Regulator, Protocol Switchover Station | 30123331350C

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High Purity 3012 Series Regulator, Protocol Switchover Station

Max inlet pressure: 4000 psig, Outlet pressure: 100 psig, Outlet assembly: Diaphragm valve 1/4" tube fitting, CGA: 350

Dual Stage Nickel-Plated Brass Barstock Body, Four-Port Configuration, 316 Stainless Steel Diaphragm

The 3012 Series regulators are intended for primary pressure control of non-corrosive, high purity or liquefied gases. It is recommended for applicatoins requiring constant delivery pressure control, regardless of supply pressure.

Typical Applications

  • EPA protocol gases
  • Gas and liquid chromatography FID, GC, HID, PID, FPO, RD, ECD
  • Ultra high purity carrier gases
  • Zero, span, and calibration gases
  • High purity chamber pressurization
  • Petro/chemical industry
  • Purge gases
  • Laboratory analysis

Features and Benefits

  • Nickel-Plated Brass Barstock Body Controlled surface integrity
  • Front Panel Mountable Easy installation
  • 10 Micron Filtration
  • Outlet Pressure Ranges 0-15 to 0-250 psig Broad range of applications
  • 316 Stainless Steel Diaphragm No inboard diffusion
  • Low Wetted Volume Minimal purge requirements
  • Convoluted Diaphragm Smooth pressure transition


  • Maximum Inlet Pressure 3000 psig (210 bar)
  • Temperature Range -40° F to 165° F (-40° C to 74° C)
  • Gauges 2" diameter chrome-plated brass
  • Ports 1/4" FNPT
  • Helium Leak Integrity 1 x 10-8 scc/sec
  • CV .05
  • Weight 4.8lb (2.2 kg)


  • Body Nickel-plated brass barstock
  • Bonnet Nickel-plated brass barstock
  • Seat First Stage - Teflon; Second Stage - PTFE
  • Filter 10 micron, sintered bronze
  • Diaphragm 316 stainless steel
  • Internal Seals Teflon

5029 Protocol Switchover Station

The 5029 Series Protocol Switchover Station combines all of the safety and convenience features of a standard Protocol Station with the added efficiency of having a reserve cylinder connected to the system. The Protocol Switchover Station valving allows manual switching between a primary cylinder and reserve cylinder. Isolation of the depleted cylinder allows safe changeout without back flow of gas through the pigtail.

Protocol Switchover Stations are available in brass or 316 stainless steel with a variety of pressure ranges (3,000 psig, 4,500 psig and 6,000 psig). The system comes complete with a Protocol Station, two 3-foot tall stainless steel pigtails with armor casing, two 1/4 turn
diaphragm valves (3,000 psig) or needle (4,500 or 6,000 psig). Alarms are also available for the Protocol Switchover Station.


  • Maximum Inlet Pressure 3000 psig (210 bar); 4500 psig (300 bar) optional; 6000 (380 bar) optional
  • Temperature Range -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C)
  • Weight 3.5 lb less regulator
Brand Prostar
Body Material Brass
Inlet Connection CGA-350
Maximum Inlet Pressure 4000 psi
Maximum Outlet Pressure 100 psi
Mounting Type Front Panel
Number of Stages Two
Outlet Connection Diaphragm Valve 1/4 in Tube
Product Type High Purity Regulator
Diaphragm Material Stainless Steel
MFG 30123331350C