ProStar ER70S-2 TIG Rod - 1/16 in - 1 lb

Linde Part #: PRS3670S20621 Manufacturer's Part #:ZPS3670S20621  /

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ProStar ER70S-2 TIG Rod - 1/16 in - 1 lb

ER70S-2 is used primarily for single-pass TIG welding of steel, but may also be used for some multi-pass applications. Because of added deoxidants, ER70S-2 can be used for welding steels that have a rusty or dirty surface, with a possible sacrifice of weld quality, depending on the condition of the surface.

Brand Prostar
Applicable Material Steel
AWS Classification ER70S-2
Container Size 1 lb
Overall Length 36 in
Series ER70S-2
Type Mild Steel
MFG ZPS3670S20621
Subcategory Welding Consumables
Current DCRP
Diameter (Inches) 1/16
Product Name Inweld 70S-2
UNSPSC 23271813