Sowesco 70S-6 Wire - 0.03 in - 2 lb | 03070S6M2

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Sowesco 70S-6 Wire - 0.03 in - 2 lb

Pinnacle Alloys ER70S-6 is intended for both single-pass and multipass welding. They are especially suited for sheet metal applications, where smooth weld beads are desired, and structural and plate steels that have moderate amounts of rust or mill scale. These electrodes permit the use of higher current ranges with either CO2 shielding gas or with mixtures of Ar and O2 or Ar and CO2. However, these electrodes do require a higher level of oxidation than other classifications in A5.18 when using either binary or ternary argon shielding gas mixtures. Typical base metal specifications for these steels are ASTM A 36, A 285-C, A 515-55, and A 516-70, which have UNS Numbers K02600, K02801, K02001, and K02700, respectively. Pinnacle Alloys ER70S-6 is available in spools, drums, and cut-lengths, as well as in various finishes/coatings, such as copper coated, copper free (bare), and bronze finish.

Brand Sowesco
AWS Classification ER70S-6
Finish/Coating Copper Coated
For Welding Position All
Series 70S-6
Tensile Strength 83000 psi
Wire Diameter 0.03 in
Yield Strength 70000 psi
MFG 03070S6M2
Product Weight 2 lb